Coffee & Tea

Morning or afternoon, perfect for any occasion.

London Teapots with Infuser

330360BX 4 servings, 16 oz
330380BX 6 servings, 30 oz

Plissé Teapots

334250BX 2 servings, 12 oz
334215BX 6 servings, 1.5 qt

Brasserie Coffee & Tea Pot

332855BR 18 oz

Plissé Cups & Saucers

514210BL Espresso cup – 3 oz
524213BL Espresso saucer
514218BL Tea cup – 5 oz
524214BL Tea saucer
514229BL Breakfast / coffee cup – 7 oz
524216BL Breakfast saucer

Plissé Mug

114227BL 8 oz

Plissé Jugs

364213BL Small – 4 oz
364235BL Large – 12 oz

Plissé Open Sugar Bowl

514218BS 6 oz

Cecil Sugar Bowl

510918BS 6 oz

Covered Sugar Bowl

430135BX 12 oz

Sancerre Cups & Saucers

512212BL Espresso cup – 3 oz
122213BL Espresso saucer
512218BL Tea cup – 5 oz
122214BL Tea saucer
512225BL Chocolate cup – 8 oz
512230BL Breakfast cup – 9 oz
122217BL Breakfast or chocolate saucer

Sancerre Milk Jugs

362215BL Medium – 5 oz
362235BL Large – 12 oz

Sancerre Covered Sugar Bowl

862220BX 6 oz

Eden Espresso

111008BL Cup, 2 oz
122012BL Saucer

Eden Breakfast

111027BL Cup, 9 oz
120815BL Saucer

Eden Extra Large Mug

511045BL 12 oz

Stackable Mug

510126BL 9 oz

Cow Creamer

270101BL 4 oz

Brasserie Cups & Saucers

111310BR Espresso cup – 2 oz
120812BR Espresso saucer
111330BR Breakfast cup – 9 oz
120816BR Breakfast saucer

Brasserie Stackable Mug

510126BR 9 oz

Brasserie Pitcher

360718BR 6 oz

Brasserie Miniature Tray

902210BR Butter / Jam / Sugar tray – 3.75’’ diam

Fleur de Provence Cup with Lavender Fronds

512225FDP1 8 oz

Fleur de Provence Cup with Lavender Wreath

512225FDP2 8 oz

Fleur de Provence Cup with Olive Accent

512225FDP3 8 oz

Fleur de Provence Saucer with Lavender Fronds


Fleur de Provence Saucer with Lavender Wreath


Garrigue Stackable Mug

510126MS 9 oz

The Pillivuyt Promise

Pillivuyt is 100% lead and cadmium free. Made entirely in France, the quality and workmanship of each piece of Pillivuyt porcelain is exceptional. Pillivuyt is truly unbeatable in the kitchen and simply beautiful on the table.

Pillivuyt Promise