Collection Plissé

A classic design from the mid-20th century that has been refined with pleats that are more delicate and elegant,
giving this revisited classic collection a place on the most formal table.

Plissé Guacamole Dish

464216BL 6 oz

Plissé Sauce Dish - Europe

464207BL 2.75″

Plissé Sauce Dish - Louna

464212BL 6 oz

Plissé Tumbler

114220BL 6 oz

Plissé Shallow Round Bowl

204220BL 7.75″

Plissé Plates

214217BL 6.5’’ diam
214222BL 8.5’’ diam
214226BL 10’’ diam
214228BL 11’’ diam
214231BL 12.25’’ diam

Plissé Soup Plate

204222BL 8.5’’ diam, 8 oz

Plissé Bowls

174215BL Individual – 6’’ diam, 14 oz
174225BL Serving – 9.75’’ diam, 3 qt

Plissé Cups & Saucers

514210BL Espresso cup – 3 oz
524213BL Espresso saucer
514218BL Tea cup – 5 oz
524214BL Tea saucer
514229BL Breakfast / coffee cup – 7 oz
524216BL Breakfast saucer


114227BL Mug – 8 oz

Plissé Teapots

334215BX Large – 6 servings, 1.5 qt
334250BX Small – 2 servings, 12 oz

Plissé Jugs

364213BL Small – 4 oz
364235BL Large – 12 oz

Plissé Open Sugar Bowl

514218BS 6 oz

Plissé Egg Cup

274240BL Eropean style

Plissé Sauceboat and Underplate

964230BL Sauceboat with Handle, 10 oz.
244217BL Underplate, 6.75 x 4.75″

Plissé Tapas Dish

224218BL 7 x 4.5″
9  x 4.5″
224236BL 14 x 4.5″

The Pillivuyt Promise

Pillivuyt is 100% lead and cadmium free. Made entirely in France, the quality and workmanship of each piece of Pillivuyt porcelain is exceptional. Pillivuyt is truly unbeatable in the kitchen and simply beautiful on the table.

Pillivuyt Promise