Collection Patisserie

For perfectly prepared and presented desserts that could be found in any Parisian boulangerie.

Patisserie Cake Plates

634831BL Platter – 12.5’’ diam
214821BL Plate – 8.5’’ diam

Patisserie Footed Cake Platter

634832BX 12.5’’ diam

Patisserie Tart & Flan Dishes

284811BL Individual – 4’’ diam
284821BL Small – 7.5’’ diam
284829BL Large – 11’’ diam

Patisserie Round Cake Mold

284820BL 8’’ diam, 2’’ deep

Patisserie Brioche Mold

284822BL 8’’ diam, 4’’ deep

Patisserie Muffin & Cupcake Molds

284807BL 2.75’’ diam, 1.5’’ deep

284808BL 3’’ diam, 2’’ deep

The Pillivuyt Promise

Pillivuyt is 100% lead and cadmium free. Made entirely in France, the quality and workmanship of each piece of Pillivuyt porcelain is exceptional. Pillivuyt is truly unbeatable in the kitchen and simply beautiful on the table.

Pillivuyt Promise