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Confession: Sometimes I daydream of a carefree summer day in Paris, strolling along the side streets admiring the iconic architecture, stopping in at an outdoor café, acting on a whim and flitting across the city to take it all in. There is something to these stolen moments of allowing our thoughts a vacation in Paris, it’s almost like being there! Cheers to the memories of trips past, and the anticipation of future adventures!

Montmartre 1900 Dinnerware invites you to picture the bistros and cobbled streets of the Sacre Coeur neighborhood as artists capture the beauty of Paris on their canvasses. The Montmartre 1900 collection features embossed dinnerware and each design is perfectly suited to complement the other. You will find two patterns within this collection: the scalloped rim, and the embossed center. Notice how each of the center embossed designs is slightly different yet complementary on the dinner, salad and soup plates. Montmartre 1900 invites you to relax and enjoy the charm of your surroundings.