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Situated in southern France, Toulouse is a lively city with excellent cuisine and is the inspiration for Pillivuyt’s new collection of bakeware.

Toulouse Bakeware features the pleats so identified with Pillivuyt’s style, while the arch of the kiln door provides the inspiration for the shape of the handle. Each handle is embossed with “PILLIVUYT” as a stamp of the quality and craftsmanship behind each piece.

And as a testament to Pillivuyt’s quality, the handles on these bakers have a lifetime warranty against breakage.

The Toulouse Collection includes multiple sizes of rectangular and square bakers as well as a large round tart dish. The beauty and craftsmanship of these dishes will have you searching for new recipes . . . here’s a head start!

Sausage & Kale Dinner Tart from Food52.com
All the best flavors in one dish, and it will feed a crowd!
Recipe here.