Collection Teck

Inspired by the forests of Boulogne on the outskirts of Paris, this design shows the embossed age rings of a tree. The organic colors are soft enough to allow your culinary creations to be the star at the table.

White Teck Plates

213021BL – 8.25″

213028BL – 11″

Sky Blue Teck Plates

213021LB – 8.25″

213028LB – 11″

Steel Grey Teck Plates

213021DG – 8.25″

213028DG – 11″

White Teck Shallow Bowl

203023BL – 9″

Sky Blue Teck Shallow Bowl

203023LB – 9″

Steel Grey Teck Shallow Bowl

203023DG – 9″

White Teck Bowl

173015BL – 6″, 14 oz

Sky Blue Teck Bowl

173015LB – 6″, 14 oz

Steel Grey Teck Bowl

173015DG – 6″, 14 oz

White Teck Mug

513040BL – 10 oz

Sky Blue Teck Mug

513040LB – 10 oz

Steel Grey Teck Mug

513040DG – 10 oz

The Pillivuyt Promise

Pillivuyt is 100% lead and cadmium free. Made entirely in France, the quality and workmanship of each piece of Pillivuyt porcelain is exceptional. Pillivuyt is truly unbeatable in the kitchen and simply beautiful on the table.

Pillivuyt Promise